Last Saturday - September 10, 2022, the IVC badminton team with a total of 6 male players divided into 3 pairs, represented the company to attend the "TAN BINH DISTRICT TRADITIONAL BADMINTON TOURNAMENT- 247 CUP” which was organized by the Business Association and Labor Union of Tan Binh District.

Although this was the first time our badminton team participated in a district tournament, we played very hard, promoting the spirit of sportsmanship and solidarity. The final result was that all our three pairs were lucky to advance to the 2nd round of the tournament.

Although we could not go to the final round of the tournament and win the championship trophies made of elements such as gold, silver, or bronze, our players have done much more, they won the trophy made of “solidarity” to all the fans and all IVCers.
Together, we did our best and we were the winners. The only thing that we are missing is the playing experience - which will definitely be perfected in the coming years- we believe!

In order for the tournament to be a great success, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the BOD for creating conditions for our team to participate in the tournament and the most sincere thanks to the many fans who came to cheer on us. The enthusiastic cheers of the fans boosted the spirits of all players and made an important contribution to the success of this tournament.

This year's badminton tournament has ended and left many unforgettable memories.
Once again, thank you for the enthusiastic competition of all players!

We still have many appointments at the IVC Badminton Club every Tuesday & Thursday! Let’s join us.

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