Working in foreign countries is never easy.


There are many differences from working in your country; language, culture, business etiquette, etc.
Those differences can work against you instead of enjoying them if you don’t understand them.


I’ve worked in several different countries in the past and have experienced different cultures.
Understanding the unique aspects of each country would help you have reasonable expectations and avoid frustration.


Vietnam is no exception.


Most of the Vietnamese people I worked with have high work ethics.
I cannot count how many times I was pleasantly surprised by their support at work.


They also value the time outside work to spend quality time with families and friends.
I've seen many colleagues have healthy balance between work and time with important ones.


Another thing I’ve noticed is the high engagement in team building, year-end parties, company trips, and the like.
I think it’s a good way to boost morale and helps teamwork and information sharing.
Who doesn’t want high morale at work after all?


Also, there are challenges I’ve faced while working in Vietnam.


One of them is the language barrier; English communication is not quite easy in Vietnam.
I had quite a few challenging times because of the language barrier.


Having an expectation that there will be a miscommunication no matter how carefully you put out your words made it easier for me to adapt to the workplace without stressing over it.
You may want to choose chat communication or email to avoid miscommunication with colleagues you have difficulty in understanding due to the language barrier.


Working in Business development department in ISB Vietnam, I have many opportunities to work with business partners and customers.
Most of them are Vietnamese people and working with them is one of the most precious experiences I had in Vietnam.

Whatever country you choose to work, I believe the key to smooth transition is communication and respect.

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