Along with the development of the information technology industry, the IT Comtor profession has also been developed as a hot new profession in the IT industry. So what does IT Comtor mean?

The word IT stands for Information Technology, Comtor stands for Communicator. In short, IT Comtor is a Japanese translator and interpreter specializing in the field of information technology.

Basically, the main job content of this profession is as follows:

   1. Translate input documents such as technical specification documents, requirements documents, designs, as well as output documents such as test cases, progress reports, Q&A List, etc., and e-mail.

   2. Interpret in meeting to communicate, solve issue, exchange with customers or team working in Japan with the development team in Vietnam via many channels such web meeting, face to face meeting, telephone…

   3. In addition, depending on the scope of the project, and policy of each company, IT Comtor also can take on additional tasks such as managing the progress of the development team, testing product quality or analyzing customer requirements.


So to complete the above jobs well, IT Comtor needs to have at least the following knowledge and skills.

      1. Master and fluently use Japanese and mother tongue

IT Comtor's main role is to translate and interpret, so it requires a high level of Japanese ability with 4 fluent listening/speaking/reading/writing skills. In addition, it is also necessary to be able to communicate in the mother tongue fluently and understandable. In addition, most of IT-related words are in English, so it is necessary to learn English to work well.

      2. Knowledge of IT

IT is a large field that includes specialized words, and its technology especially is developed and updated regularly, so IT Comtor must learn about IT knowledge to master meaning and ensure to know what has been translated and interpreted.

      3. Teamwork skills, management skills, good communication, skills to connect members.

Like other professions when working in Japanese companies, IT Comtor must first understand working rules such as HORENSO which is Report, Contact, and Consult to be able to improve performance. Because IT Comtor always work in a team, it also requires good communication skills, members contact skill, and the ability to convey information quickly, accurately and fluently.

      4. Ability to investigate and learn IT knowledge

    Because the field of information technology is always innovating and developing continuously, it requires IT Comtor to learn new things by herself/himself to improve the knowledge of this field. Recently, communicator tends to enhance self-worth to contribute to the project by taking on some role in the project to help the project reduce effort and complete better such as tester, business analysis, and project management support beside communication.

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