(*The blog is based on the personal opinion and experience of one of the members participating in the training trip in Japan)


My dream is to visit the beautiful countries all over the world, so I set up goals for myself, step by step, to fulfill my dream - go around the world. And one of the countries on my priority list that I must to visit is JAPAN!

And that day came sooner than my plan. At the end of 2022, I got great news from my company, it really made my dream come true - I would be going to Japan with my company!

I still remember how rushed and happy I was when I shared this good news with my beloved ones and how much my joyfulness spread to them!

Before the departure date, I was informed that the weather in Japan was very cold. But I thought it wasn't a problem at all for me “As long as I go to Japan, I can handle it all! Just come over to Japan!”

And you know? According to the immigration regulations at that time, I needed to complete the 3rd COVID-19 injection before coming to Japan, it was really a challenge for me due to my health. (* This regulation has been repealed since the end of April this year)

Because of Japan, I overcame the fear of the cold, and because of Japan, I was no longer afraid of the COVID injection. By all means, I have to go to Japan, because it's my dream!

That day has finally come! I was coming to you, Japan!

Japan welcomed us with a delightful chill! The cold weather in Japan was much more pleasant than I imagined - I really liked it!

And you know? Japan is an "obsession” for me! Since the day I returned to Vietnam from the Japan trip, Japan has obsessed me. Japan's images has appeared in my dream for four consecutive nights. The images of places where I visited, the new friends whom I met, the memorable moments with my colleagues, my teammates , even the fear of counting a bunch of coins before payment at the convenient shops… were re-enacted in my dreams.

That was the "obsession" about a beautiful and modern country. I will not forget the blooming plum blossom season, Tokyo Tower - the symbol of the modern in Japan, the streets without any garbage, the experience with the "genuine" washlet system and especially the Shinkansen because we have not yet tried it on.

People tell me that besides the place where I visited- Tokyo, there are many others beautiful places in Japan! But for me, the 4-day experience in Tokyo really made me satisfied and happy.

Until now, Japan has been an unforgettable "obsession" for me. Whenever we accidentally talk about Japan, or accidentally are given tubes of sweets and cakes made in Japan, the Japan’s nostalgia comes to me again.

Thank you, IVC - my company, for making my dream - coming to the beautiful country, Japan - come true and giving me more motivation to continue drawing my dreams, including the dream of returning to Japan as soon as possible.

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