The year 2023 marks a memorable milestone for IVC – 20th anniversary of establishment and development in the Vietnam market.

To celebrate this memorable event, the Board of Directors (BOD) decided to organize Training Trips in Japan for all IVC employees. This was an inspiring plan that BOD had put much effort and cherished for a long time. With the desire to create an opportunity of exchange and connection, all participants could visit ISB Corporation’s office and join the training session with ISB employees, then meet ISB customers in the country of Cherry blossoms – Japan. Since this plan was announced in the New Year Party 2023, all IVC staffs have been very excited and looking forward to upcoming trips.

In order to prepare well for the trip and ensure not to affect the work progress, the whole employees would be divided into many batches to participate in this training trip. The first batch took place in some last days of winter in Japan but the weather was quite pleasant with nice sunshine and chilly air. Even though this was the first time almost all participants experienced the cold weather with temperatures below 10 degrees in Japan, all of us adapted very quickly and were eager to discover Tokyo.

On the first day, we had the opportunity to visit and had interesting experiences at Asakusa Kannon Temple, one of the must-see destinations when coming to Tokyo. Then we took a cruise from Asakusa to Odaiba in the afternoon, enjoying the panoramic view of Tokyo on the river.

The second training day started with full energy after all of us had a restful night at the hotel. On this day, we had a chance to visit Meiji Jingu - one of the Shinto shrines in Japan. It was so surprising that in the center of Tokyo with many high-rise buildings, we could visit a green space which is completely separating from the rushing city outside, it made us feel the energy from nature very clearly.

After lunch, we went to the parent corporation in Gotanda - Tokyo, to spend time interacting with young employees of ISB and other subsidiaries in the corporation – this was the main session of our trip. This training session took place in an intimate and open atmosphere, everyone got the chance to discuss related to cultural topics and technology trends in the IT industry.

It didn’t stop there, ISB held a grand party to welcome IVC members to Japan with the participation of ISB’s BOD, IVC’s BOD and almost all participants in the training session. This was a great opportunity for all of us to recall the memories of the 20 years since the establishment and development of IVC and look forward to the 30th anniversary of IVC’s establishment in Vietnam. Looking back on memorable milestones in the past 20 years, IVC has faced many difficulties and challenges at times. However, thanks to the wise and ingenious leaderships of the BOD, the strong support from ISB side and the consensus of the entire company, IVC has overcome all barriers, developed strongly, and made itself gradually as one of the leading Japanese outsourcing companies in the Vietnam market.  

On the next day, after seeing plum blossoms, attending a local festival held in a park, checking-in some popular landmarks, and shopping at some famous shopping malls, all of us had the opportunity to meet, exchange, and enjoy dinner with ISB customers who always support us in projects. Although we had worked together on many projects before, this was the first time almost IVC members had the occasion to meet ISB customers in Japan, making it a memorable party for the first trip.

In addition to the sightseeing and training, all members could be free to explore the nighttime bustle of Tokyo, such as taking the subway, discovering local restaurants, and checking in other famous places of Tokyo. In a series of articles related to this topic, we will upload some other blogs for the personal impressions of the members who participated in this training. We believe that through these blog posts we could give our readers a multi-faceted perspective on how IVC members felt when taking part in this Japan training trip. 

It could be said that, after this training trip, Japan has left many unforgettable memories for all participants and the distance between IVC members, ISB young members and ISB customers became closer, laying out the foundation for more effective cooperation at work. Moreover, all IVC employees consider this trip a great motivation to put more effort into work and advance IVC more and more.

We are convinced the upcoming second training trip will also bring many special emotions and motivation to the participants. Stay tuned for the latest information about the next blog and next trip!

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