Up to now, the first half of the journey of 2023 has passed in the situation that the economy is currently recovering, but there are still many difficulties and challenges in general.

To give an overview of the Company's business situation during this time to all employees, the Second Half (2H) Kick-off meeting was held at IVC office in the middle of July 2023 with the participation of all IVC employees. In this meeting, the General Director and Senior Managers shared about the Company's business results in the first half of 2023 in comparison with the target plan, and pointed out what we have achieved and not yet achieved. Based on the actual results, the updated business plans for the next phase were drawn up, to adapt flexibly with the economic situation in the second half of 2023.

In this meeting, Mr. Onogawa Yasuto - our General Director also spread an inspirational message to all managers, leaders and staffs. The efforts, cautions, and cooperation of each individual will always be important factors in building the company’s success. We believed that opportunities only come to those who are well-prepared and have the ability to adapt flexibly. So, now is the time for us to look back and develop ourselves, well-preparation will help us always be in a state of readiness to accept the coming opportunities.

From ISB Group, Mr. Wakao Kazufumi, ISB Representative General Director, also expressed sincere thank-you message to all employees for the daily efforts and contributions of each employee in each company to the growth and development of ISB Group. This was motivation for all of IVC employees to fight harder and harder in the second half 2023 - we believed!

Certainly, the efforts and persistent contributions of each excellent individual will always deserve to be recognized. Also in this meeting, the Company congratulated the employees who have successfully completed the challenging goals, to step up a new ladder in their career path at IVC through the promotion ceremony. 

Once again, congratulations our warriors on this next step up on your career!

The meeting ended with an intimate Pizza party, in a cozy space at IVC office. This is also a time for everyone to freely discuss, share and increase the connection among all employees.


This meeting was great for us to kick off the second half with a lot of energy and we are looking forward to seeing all of you at our explosive party at the end of this year!

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