One of the methods to help people have knowledge is to read books diligently, because reading is a valuable asset that the ancients stored the quintessence of knowledge. Today, in the modern world of 4.0 technology, people have many ways to receive information and knowledge more quickly. However, the reading books still plays an important role of its own. Specifically, the following benefits can be mentioned:

  • Books are the endless source of human knowledge.

   Books have been around for a long time, used by people to store documents, information and knowledge. The book contains all the knowledge related to humanity, history, the world, art, etc. When we hold a book in our hands, sometimes it is the result of recording decades of experience of the ancients. It's valuable information that gives you an experience that reality doesn't give you.



  • Improve vocabulary, aesthetic thinking

   For children, in addition to being educated in school, if they are given appropriate books to read from a young age, such as immortal literary works, etc. will help increase vocabulary, as well as stimulate the imagination very well. For adults, reading books helps people overcome mistakes in word usage, speak properly, expand knowledge of professions, acquire other fields, etc.



  • Reading helps improve concentration, analytical thinking

    Because when we read, our eyes will only focus on the book and there is not much distracting information. That helps improve concentration.

 The above are general benefits in terms of knowledge. In addition, when we read books with professional purposes such as: books on soft skills in workplace behavior, etc. Reading books selectively according to career goals will help us advance in the profession.



  • The definition of a book may have been expanded

    When it comes to books, we immediately think of books printed on paper. Today, along with the development of technology, we can also access books through electronic devices such as Kindle, Audio book, etc. Helps to expand the method of accessing books.




   In short, reading books brings a lot of value to people, helping to improve their capacity. So, let's get into the habit of reading a few pages of a book every day, and then at some point we will realize the results that books bring.

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