It was the first day of entering university, university of Social Sciences and Humanities,
 I chose Japanese Studies because I love this country with the dream of coming to Japan one day.

But what makes me stick with Japanese more than 20 years is not only because of that small dream, but also the Japanese people. The first Japanese person that I had the opportunity to meet was a Japanese teacher in the university. The first days, I couldn't understand what she was teaching at all because I just started learning Japanese. But with her dedication, patience and experience in teaching, she has helped our whole class gradually understand each grammatical structure, the correct pronunciation, how to write and remember Kanji easily...etc. Gradually, she taught us not only language knowledge, but also social knowledge and very useful life skills. At each of her classes, she had created a happy atmosphere, and prepared pictures and videos in advance to make us easy to understand and remember most. Everything she did for us was not afraid of difficulties and hardships, showed her loving heart, her sense of responsibility, her humanity for us. We all love her very much. The image of a dedicated Japanese teacher for her students is always in my mind.


 After a while, I knew that she came to Vietnam to teach Japanese through Japanese Volunteer Program. This is a program that is gathering Japanese volunteers who have practical knowledge, technical expertise, and rich work experience in various fields such as Japanese language teaching, health, sports, agricultural development, tourism, etc. and especially have a desire to contribute to society voluntarily.

 The goal of the volunteer program is to actively support the socio-economic development and human resource development in Vietnam as well as developing countries. Indeed, this is a very useful program with profound humanistic meaning, the Japanese volunteer’s dedication is not less, not much but they make life better much.

 In the last years of university, I had the opportunity to translate for a group of Japanese volunteers. They are dentists and also through this program, coming to Ho Chi Minh City to help treat in free dental-related diseases for orphans and poor children. Look at their hard work and difficulties at work that I really admire. And above are the volunteer examples that I know. I think that there are other many meaningful volunteer works that this program has contributed to our country. This shows that the love between people is limitless, transcending all boundaries, overcoming all barriers, they are no longer people in the same village, province, or city, but have spread to the whole country and the world. The kindness of Japanese volunteers helps us to have more faith in life, more strength to overcome all difficulties to continue living and working. I hope there are more and more volunteer programs like this in the world to help more people and make life better. Finally, I want to say thank to them. Thank you, thank you for the hearts of the Silent Japanese Volunteer!

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