In this article, we would like to introduce to you the article that has conquered the Judges to be the winner of the Blog Contest on topic "Thanks Mom" and "Mom's Memories". According to her share, this is the first time she has enough courage to write love words like this to her dear mother. How about you? Have you ever shown your love, gratitude to your mom in your own way? 



I had read a quote like this:

“One to five years old, home is everything

In primary school, home is the evening

In high school, home is the weekend

In college, home is vacation

After graduation, home is Tet”.

The previous days, when I read quotes like this, I probably just skimmed them quickly because I thought they were meaningless. But perhaps when time goes by, our thoughts will also become deeper and more complicated so when reading this quote again by chance, my mind suddenly becomes more chaotic. Thinking carefully, it is true that for children working far from home like me, the amount of time spent by family and parents is really shrinking. I wonder how much time I have left to be able to be with my loved ones, especially with Mother - the most important woman in my life.

Thinking scatteredly, a few memories, a few moments about my mother associated with my growth milestones suddenly rushed back, although it was just a few small things, it was enough for me to know that having mom to be with me on the life journey is always the most wonderful and happy thing!

Remember when I was a child, there was a year when the winter was suddenly much colder, and all of my friends were bought an eye-catching woolen scarf by their parents to wear to class. However, my mother was different, instead of buying ready-knitted scarves, she meticulously selected each roll of the warmest woolen and worked hard to knit for me one scarf. She was so busy all day, so she took advantage of her time at night to knit for me quickly because she was scared of cold weather, I would not be warm enough to get sick. The color of that scarf may not be the most eye-catching, not the most outstanding, but for me, it is the most beautiful scarf, a limited edition just for me. That scarf I still keep until now, every time I see it, the feeling of happiness always makes me smile.

At the age of eighteen, everyone will have to face one of the first big decisions in their life to choose the right direction for the future, and successfully reach the university gate, I am lucky that my mother is always my psychological friend and always by my side. She does not force me to do what she wants, instead, she helps me give advice, and helps me know my strengths and weaknesses so that I can make the best decision by myself. That year, I was successful with my choice. Maybe the feeling of satisfaction at that time I no longer remember, but the happiness and pride in my mother's eyes at that time is something that I cannot forget.

After graduating from university, I chose to stay in the city to develop and challenge myself. Mom agreed with my decision, but I knew she worried a lot too, it was just that she wouldn’t express it. Just graduated, the pressure of work and the deadline made a tough girl like me seem to doubt my ability. Every time my mom phoned, I always told her that I was good all the time. However, even though she only saw me through the screen of her tiny phone, she still recognized my sadness, she just gently encouraged "don't feel too much pressure", and "I believe you can do it". My mother's words are simple and ordinary but contain great spiritual strength to help me overcome that hard time, giving me the motivation to try harder every day.

Through the milestones of growth, looking back, I always feel fortunate to have a mom who is always by my side, giving me advice, giving me strength, but it seems that I have never directly said thank you to my mom because the loved words are difficult to say. Looking back and forth, the time I spent with my mother is limited so I will always cherish the moments that I have with my mom, and will practice saying loved words while I can so that I will not regret something. These narrative lines, not sure my mother can read, but from the bottom of my heart I want to say: "Thank you! Mom, whom I love most!"


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