It will not be easy for any of us to become an expert in a field. Yet if we know how to learn from experience, absorb it, and cultivate it, we can gain valuable lessons after a lot of hard work. As I’m a Salesman at ISB Vietnam - specializing in the software development field, through many failures and successes in finding and working with partners as well as customers, I have my own drawn soft skills that are must-haves for a Salesman, especially for those who work in an IT environment.

Understanding the industry and setting in which I have been working:

I must first have a good understanding of the field and environment in which I have been working before approaching new partners or clients. Although it might be straightforward, this is actually highly important and required if I want to become a competent Salesman. 

Customer/partner insight:

Beyond having a thorough understanding of the industry I work in or even who is working in this field should also have a strong understanding of the partners. This is one of the essential factors for a Salesman because it demonstrates to them my sincerity in wanting to work with their company to convince businesses to become my partners or clients.


Negotiation is one of the necessary skills for this major. It is not always possible for me and the other side to come to an understanding during our initial discussions. Thus, I must make an effort to compromise and weigh the advantages that will come to both of us from becoming partners. 

Sense of potential companies identification: 

One more highly valuable factor is to evaluate and identify potential companies that we can collaborate with. I'll be able to find more potential clients this way and waste less time on inappropriate ones.


Influent both Vietnamese and English is a mostly requirement for a Salesman. After facing various personalities and especially foreign customers, I realized that English ​​is an indispensable part of communication. Not only help me communicate with the customer but also help me understand part of the customer's intent. Skillful judgment and handling of situations will help me gain the trust of customers.


The last one is confidence. Not only for Salesman in particular but for all industries in general, being a confident person in what we are doing is the key to creating our own development.

In conclusion, the skills listed above are ones that I have acquired while working at my company and gaining experience as a Salesman. I have considerably improved my search and developed enduring relationships with my clients and partners by implementing these skills. I hope the things I've shared in this article will be helpful to you. I am sure that each of us will have our own tips to develop ourselves into the best version of ourselves. Thus, let's share with us your highly valuable tips, and don’t forget to contribute any insightful advice in the comment section below after reading this blog.

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