Have you ever wondered how can an accountant create a web application without programming? Is there any solution to replace Excel with a web application with the following criteria: quickly  setup, stability, ease of use, Granular access control ?

Pleasanter is a no-code/low-code development platform (Opensource) that runs on .NET. It has developed by the Implem Inc Japan since 2014. You can quickly create business applications without programming. 

Image from Pleasanter.org

Pleasanter is one of the LCDP developed by the Implem Inc. which was awarded the "LEADER" award for the third consecutive year in the "Low-code Development" category at ITreview Grid Award 2023 Fall in Japan 1.

Pleasanter is a product in belonging category:

  • low code development/non-programming development.
  • Web database.
  • team collaboration.
  • CRM.
  • PaaS. 


It's easy to create business web applications without programming

By using multiple templates, It is easy to create business web applications without programming. There are multiple templates such as project management, sales management, Customer/service, Store management, Marketing, Information system, Corporate planning, Human Resources and General Affairs, Education/HRD, Product list, Wiki... 

Pleasanter can be used as CRM, SFA, project management, etc

Creating Web Application to replace Excel.

With simple steps, you can create a web application to replace Excel.  

Step 1. You only need to create new "Record Table". Pleasanter will create a Record Table with a List, Create, Edit, Delete screen,.. without programming.

Step 2. You can add/remove more field to store your data. Pleasanter support many data type Text, Description, Numeric , Date, Check, Attachment file.  Addition, Calculation formula can performs four arithmetic operations on " numeric items " in table .

Step 3. Custom your display data on List, you can add/remove any field that you want show/hidden on List. List will support searching, sorting, and aggregating Table Records. Addition, List also support CSV import and export.

Table Pleasanter

Data history management

Because "change history" is automatically saved, even if many peoples edit the same record, you can see when, by who, and what types of changes were made.

Useful charts for meetings

With the data were imported, you can switch the display from a list to different charts ( Calendar , Cross Tabulation , Gantt Chart , Burndown Chart ,  Time Series Chart , Kanban , etc.) with a single click. Because it operates at high speed, meetings are paperless.

Pleasanter Chart

Status management and workflow

You can implement workflow (approval process) such as approval application with process function. You can set various approval routes and conditions with simple mouse operations.

Reminder & Notifications

  • Notifications is a feature that automatically sends notifications to Email, Slack, ChatWork, LINE, Teams, Rocket.Chat, InCircle, HTTP client. It also support you to custom design notification message. You can set notification timing (create, update, delete, import,..)
  • Reminder is a feature that sends reminder notifications at specific times and intervals.

Easily creating a hierarchical structure of sites

Pleasanter has containers that store information such as folders, tables.  Information can be organized in an easy-to-understand way by storing in a hierarchical structure “Folder-> Table -> Record (row of data)”.

Granular access control for each folder

You can create a folder specifically for each department or business partner in your company. Because access control can be performed on a per-folder, information can be shared not only within the company but also with business partners. Addition, you can granular access control by table, row, and column.

 granular access contro table.png


This feature that displays a list of necessary information such as new information, notices, message boards, links to created apps, and other sites for each app 2. User can add parts, The parts that can be added are as follows: Display links to folders and tables, Displays records in the specified table, Custom to display the specified text, Custom html to displays the specified HTML content. 

Dashboard Pleasanter
Image from Pleasanter.org


Pleasanter supports 7 languages: English/Chinese/Japanese/German/Korean/Spanish/Vietnamese.

Rich customization functions

A variety of business processes can be performed with item customization, table relationships, calculation formulas, JavaScript, CSS, extended SQL, and more.
You can also use API functions to link with external systems.


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