Men make houses, women make homes. Besides their own career, to create a little home, a peaceful place for the whole family, women really have to sacrifice a lot. And Vietnamese Women's Day – 20/10, will be a special occasion for us to send our love and thanks to our important women for their silent sacrifices.

And to celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day - 20/10 this year, a series of events took place at IVC. Following the success of the Blog Contest last year, this year's event has returned with an upgraded version. With the motto "love is not only expressed in writing but also expressed through speaking", the event “IVC Speaking Contest” was held with the Topic: “The woman who influenced you the most”, attracting a large number of contestants. Inherently in each of us, love and respect for our mother, wife or most important woman always exists, but in the mass of life, it is difficult for us to express. This contest is really a good opportunity for everyone to express their feelings, appreciation, and gratitude to our dear woman.

In order to help the loving letters reach their rightful owners, the Company sent them directly to the most influential woman of each contestant participating in this contest, along with a sincere thank-you & greeting message written by our General Director and a bouquet. Even though it’s a small gift, we believe that it contains invaluable energy and spiritual strength.

Continuing the series of events is the program "Give Word of Love", a quieter way to express our love, our thanks to our dear woman. Lovely postcards are prepared by the Company for everyone to write down messages to send to their woman. In addition, the Company also supports the delivery these lovely postcards to their owners. So, don't hesitate to write down your words, don't hesitate to express concerns for your woman!

Moreover, on October 20, the Company also sent the healthy gifts to all the mothers or the most important women of all IVC members. Wishing our mothers or most important women will always be happy, healthy and full of joy to be able to accompany with us on the life journey ahead.

This series of welcoming events has ended with the enthusiastic participation of all IVC members. It can be said that your enthusiasm is an important factor in creating the success of this event. Once again, the Organization Team would like to thank all IVC members and all contestants.

Our company would like to try to maintain this meaningful activity in the coming years, as a part of our corporate culture.


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