This past semester, I interned at ISB Vietnam, a software development company specializing in the field of outsourcing and offshoring.

This was my first internship, and it was a lot more than I thought it would be - in the best way possible. As a student majoring in English, all of my time is spent studying, the knowledge and experiences that I learn are only through the pages of books and words handed down by teachers. This means that I have never had practical access to office work or even the field of Sales-Marketing - the field where I interned at this company. Honestly, this presented a challenge for me when I first began working in  Business Development Department - also known as BD Dept. The tasks, colleagues, or even the workplace, everything here is fresh. However, thanks to the dedicated guidance of my supervisor and colleagues in the team, I was able to gain many skills and accumulated the essential experiences to become a professional staff in the field of Sales-Marketing.

Besides, I also learned a lot of useful knowledge about IT, which is something that I have never experienced before: it was amazing.

The work in BD Dept that I have done so far includes a wide variety of things and even I could not cover them all in this blog. However, seeking customers and partner companies were the activities that help me improve my knowledge and experience the most. I feel very lucky to have been in contact with so many clients - many different personalities, and different situations - that I have learned more from experience how to choose the right counseling approach for each customer to suit their needs and personality. Learn to handle difficult and unexpected situations as they happen.

In addition, I participated in internal and external meetings and experienced a lot about working style and handling situations.

Thanks to the actual activities and specific tasks that I have been assigned, I have found out what my strengths and weaknesses are so from there, I will try to improve my abilities.

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After three months as an intern, I also received the chance to start working officially. Of course, my employment will change when I start working as an official staff, and my workload will increase from when I was an intern. But rather than putting pressure on me, such things inspired me to work more. And I consider myself really lucky to have joined ISB Vietnam as an official staff thanks to the kindness, passionate support of my coworkers, and this dynamic workplace.

In short, I am thrilled to be learning more every day. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten as much experience as I have already if I were to be in another company where interns may not get the chance to have as hands-on experience as I have been able to. This internship has given me even more experience than I had before. It also allowed me to learn more about different business and how I can use my skills in different ways.

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