Badminton Tournament 2023, organized by Tan Binh District with the participation of 14 IVC players was taken place at Tran Badminton Academy at the end of August.

With the slogan Head to the top-Refuse to lose, all IVC players contributed lots of eye-pleasing matches to our spectators. Although competitors were very well-performed and sometimes repeatedly attacked us, IVC players were great as well to hit them back. Our players hadn’t got the top prizes of this tournament as we targeted, but we showed our fans with the lust of victory and never-give-up spirit. We were proud of what our players did in the last tournament.

We would like to give a special thanks for BOD for giving IVC players a great chance to take part in this playground. Also, we appreciated all fans and support team to cheer players’ spirit to perform matches well. Last but not least, big thanks for the amazing effort of all players who performed excellently in this tournament. All deserved a big round of applause for their contribution to tournament’s success.

The Badminton Tournament 2023 has closed and left us with many memorable moments. See you guys and we will be back with more breath-taking matches next year.

If you want to become our players, do not hesitate to join us and meet at IVC Badminton Club every Tuesday & Thursday. Hope you stay strong and always healthy!

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