On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan (1973 - 2023), The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in HCMC (JCCH) organized "the JCCH Sports Day 2023" in the middle of October. This event attracted the participation of approximately 3000 people including players and supporters from 96 companies. With “sporting spirits never die”, ISB Vietnam company (IVC) certainly could not  miss this special event.

From the moment we arrived at the event venue, all of us were very surprised by the thoroughness and professionalism of the JCCH Organizing Team. All the referees, coordinators and supporters were always very friendly, enthusiastic and supportive. A medical team was arranged at the entrance to take care of players in case of their injury. Besides, sponsored beverage counters were ready to serve drinks, food and snacks for all participants to fight body and soul for each match. 

The sports day began with a warm-up exercise before all companies participated in games. We could feel the passionate sports spirit very clearly when we saw this image with our eyes.

Among ten sport games of JCCH Sport Day, ISB Vietnam took part in seven ones including long rope jump, eye of the typhoon, ball insertion, tug of war, relay, badminton, and futsal in a spirit of living life to the full. In each competition, our players contributed to spectators with eye-catching matches, enthusiastic participation and the coordination of perfect teamwork. The scorching Sunday could not prevent both our players from giving their best shot for each match and our fans from cheering up our players in each competition. Especially the spirit of all IVC players was pushed to the highest level with the participation of our General Director, this presence inspired us very much!

Let's look back at some highlight images of 50 IVC members burning their hearts out on that sports day.

Thanks to the JCCH Organizing Team for making this special day happen and thanks to IVC's Board of Directors for sponsoring a favorable condition for all of us to participate in this event. Thanks to 50 IVC players for immersing yourselves in matches with a spirit of enthusiasm, energy and team work. We much appreciate all our fans supporting, yelling in each match which our players joined to speed them up always. All of your effort, passion and support made this sports day extremely successful.

See you all at next year's event with our comeback by a new version. Thanks for always following up on our sport activities. Hope you always keep fit and stay healthy. If you are interested in our events and expect to become one of our players next year, let’s raise your hand and contact us right now.

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