VBA stands for Visual Basic Application, which is a basic programming application in Microsoft Office. For someone who doesn't know about programming or IT, we will be a little confused when hearing about the concept of of VBA, right? However, it's actually more accessible than you think.

Why should you learn VBA?

  • It's free because it's introduced with the Microsoft Office you're using.

  • A big advantage of VBA is its simplicity. It can be literally coded without the need for any software development environment or additional software.

  • VBA does not require you to know any programming languages. All you need is a logical mindset and the diligence to learn more about VBA, which is mostly presented very easily and for free on the internet.

  • You don't even have to memorize the entire syntax. You can research sample codes online, plus a little logical thinking to create a piece of code that performs the business operations you want.

  • The most common users of VBA, specifically VBA Excel, are people in the financial field. It is also widely used in administration.

Some graphic examples of VBA results

Example 1) You can perform formatting operations with just one click, instead of having to do it over and over again.


Example 2) VBA can also display a window for input.

Example 3) You can also apply VBA to PowerPoint by transitioning existing data from excel file instead of having to manually enter each data.

   At first, when we are beginner to VBA, we can completely just use coding for a few simple operations, then gradually become more familiar, practice more than, me and you will definitely improve. You can write macros that are more complex and logical than the current level.

Let's learn VBA together!

Source of images: https://www.pexels.com/


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