English has been and being used at IVC as the main language for internal communication. Creating an environment to practice and commute in English so that all members of the company can confidently communicate in English has become a concern for the BOD.

Understanding the expectation from the BOD, since December 2022, HR&GA Department has officially operated the English club (E-club) activity as a place to connect all employees who would like to practice English and to create a learning and exchanging environment English for all IVC members.

E-club is held at 15:00 every Friday with the main activities being discussion and presentation on the selected topics. By being open, exchanging, and learning without becoming overly academic are the principle of E-club. Especially, at E-club everyone will communicate entirely in English during 60 minutes (completely do not use Vietnamese or Japanese).

Engulfed by the Christmas mood, the E-club kicked off with the topic "Merry Christmas" in December 2022. Despite being the first topic, the e-club attracted everyone's enthusiastic participation. Discussing Christmas-related activities, the joiners had lively activities. 

Even with being busy with a "series" of deadlines and year-end tasks, events, the second topic "Look Back 2022" received a very positive response from everyone. Especially with the participation of Steven teacher, all participants had the opportunity to practice English with a native teacher. It was really nice.

The E-club embraces all comments and suggestions from everyone as well as welcomes collaborators from all departments in IVC to make the E-club to grow and become a cohesive and reliable weekly destination for all English lovers.

The E- club's activities will be updated monthly in the next posts. Join us to discover what will show up in upcoming blogs.

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