Have you ever felt tired and out of energy after a long day at work, and cannot focus on anything?

I am working in ISB Vietnam as a saleswoman, sometimes I feel under pressure and stressed at work.

When I get tired and feel burned out, my motivation and communication can negatively impact my professional image as a  saleswoman.

This may be the right time to be recharged ASAP!

In this post, I would like to share with you some quick tips from my experience that help overcome it, and hope it is helpful for you to refresh yourself when you are in the same situation.

Get moving – do yoga at home, take a dance break, go for a walk and do something that doesn’t require sitting.

Get a warm bath or shower–a great way to leave tiredness and stress from work behind is by washing away all the tension from your body. Water can help calm your soul and mind. You can take a hot bath or shower to help relax the muscles. Then, continue with a splash of cold water to make the body recover.

Turn on some tunes – listen to your trusty favorites or try something new like different kind of music or relaxing spa sounds.

Be a foodie – cook something, try a new recipe, brew some coffee, and eat some fruits you’ve never tried before.

Give your pets some love – take a play break, bathe them, take them for a walk and play with them.

Spend time with close friends and family – recharge by spending more time with people who boost you up as opposed to surrounding yourself with those who bring you down.

Talk with a positive-thinking person– reduce present stress and help us feel better about the future.

Get more sleep– sleep is the ultimate body recharger. Experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night for healthy adults ages 26 to 64. Getting fewer than six hours of sleep per night is a major risk factor for burnout at work.

Take a day off – read a magazine or a book, walk outside and breathe fresh air, and gossip with your friend.

Take a trip– try and take time out to go for a trip with your loved ones. A change of scenery can help the mind and body equally.

Recharging after work is a very vital thing to do every day. If you fail to recharge, your health is affected negatively. Make it a habit and you will become more productive at work.

By learning how to recharge after work, you live a healthy lifestyle.

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