Young adults who have recently graduated from college may not have too much difficulty finding a career that they are truly passionate about. Additionally, it implies that we can swiftly acclimate to the new work environment. However, it can be challenging to adapt to the new environment with aspiration, rather than just for survival. And I used to think that I just needed to learn how to survive in the new environment. But after working at the company, Business Development Department in particular for a while, I realized that I needed to find passion and interest in the work and environment in which I’m working. That is what fully adapting to the new working environment means. In this blog, I would like to share 5 ways how to find passion in a new workplace that I have learned from my experience and hope they will be helpful to you.


When starting your job, you need to make this job your priority and put all your focus on it. This is one of the most important things I learned after working for a long time. I used to handle multiple tasks at once in the past. I thought I would save time by doing so. But because of that misconception, my tasks could not be completed on schedule, or even worse, I made a lot of mistakes and omissions. After these mistakes, I realized how crucial concentration is. You must probably be aware of the 30 days rule of adapting. According to the rule if you do something for 30 days straight without any breaks and with all the focus, the entire thing becomes easy for you to handle.

Make a plan:

I wouldn't have wasted as much time worrying about adjusting to the new working environment if I had planned ahead of time. An example is when I started work at a new workplace, I could barely handle and complete the work on time. But fortunately, I received advice from my superior and coworkers that having a clear plan would help me do the job more efficiently. It's amazing that I not only complete every task successfully but also enjoy taking on new challenges. And at that moment I realized that not only was I doing a job that I loved, but I was also working in a wonderful environment.

Always ask yourself questions and seek answers:

One effective way to help me keep the flame of passion for the work is to continually ask questions and seek answers. It's been incredibly intriguing to get the responses to the questions I came up with. I could learn many of the positive aspects of whatever task I was doing and also identify unexpected mistakes. Nothing is greater than being able to learn from mistakes and advance in knowledge at the same time. And more positive is that my manager and coworkers were always willing to share advice to correct the issues if I couldn't figure it out on my own. These elements are what enabled me to discover my passion for both my career and the workplace.

Seek out a mentor:

Here, "mentor" refers to my supervisor and coworkers. It was great that I have the opportunity to work with them and get insightful counsel and guidance regarding my line of work, workplace, and even life experiences. As a result, I can now complete practically all tasks given to me swiftly and flawlessly. I've come to understand how vital this workplace is where I can continually learn and improve.

Take care of yourself:

The proverb "health is gold" and "health is everything" are not coincidences. Having good health is always my top priority. I always finish my task on time and get good results when I work with a relaxed mind and energetic body. Maintaining the flame of passion in our work or even the working environment won't be a problem once the task is successfully completed, especially for the job we dream of. If we work on our dream job but we frequently miss deadlines or struggle to complete them. We are not managing the tasks successfully. And as we get more disinterested in the dream, we will gradually grow tired of that job. On the other hand, when the tasks are completed in the finest possible manner, we will feel at ease and enjoy the feeling of exhilaration. And when we are content and at ease, it is easy to sustain and grow our initial passion for our dream work or even the task we have never attempted.

In short, finding a dream job is not difficult, but how to maintain that job for a long time is not easy at all. And the key to answering that question is your workplace. Because everything we do becomes special and meaningful once we find our passion in the workplace, even the most mundane tasks become far more intriguing.



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