October 20th is known as Vietnamese Women’s Day – the day we give best wishes and meaningful presents to the women that we love and cherish.

And October 20th this year, IVC spent this special day to express gratitude and respect to all the most beautiful and strong women – they are Mothers or the most important women in the life of all IVC members. And in the series of events to welcome this special day, IVC organized a BLOG CONTEST on the topic “Thanks Mom” and “Mom’s memories”.

Although the first time IVC organized a blog contest, it received a positive response from all employees. Perhaps it was because the Blog’s topic has touched everyone's heart and it was a good playground for everyone to express their feelings and emotions to the mother that are difficult to express in words directly.


After reviewing the sincere feelings articles of the participants, our General Director (GD) decided to send these letters directly to the dear mothers along with the dear messages written by GD and a bouquet from the company instead of a greeting and respect from IVC's representative.

Hearing from the participants, beloved mothers who received a letter written by their own son/daughter and a letter from GD are very surprised and touched, even some of them cried when they read these letters. We thought that this was a great emotion that this contest has reached and was a great motivation for Organizers team to hold more and more meaningful event like this.


Besides, the company has also sent small gifts to all mothers, or most important women of all IVC members. May our dear mothers be healthy and happy, and will always be pillars of strong faith of all IVC members.


It could be said that all articles of this blog contest are a very valuable tribute to mothers or most important women of the authors. Conquering the Judges with emotional feelings and honest memories, with the image of a strong and loving family girl, the blog with topic "Thank you! Mom, Whom I love most" has gained the most excellent scores from the Judges and was the winning blog of this Contest. Let's look forward to reading the winning blog which will be published very soon.


Once again, congratulations the winner and thank you to all of the participants joining this Blog Contest. 

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