It has been 11 years since I left Japan and returned to Vietnam after nearly 4 years working onsite and in 2023 I had an opportunity to go to Japan again to participate in the company's training trip at Tokyo. (Training trip is a combination of training and travel activities).

When I heard that I was one of the employees joining this training trip to Japan, I got excited as same as when I got an onsite opportunity for Japan from the company for the first time. I wondered if Japan has changed or not, if there have been any changes in the places I have been to? (Even though I have many friends living in Japan, and we often ask about each other's lives, I cannot stand wondering like that.)

( Seasonality) There are four seasons in Japan. Each season has specific beautiful sceneries. Let’s explore it.

This time, when I arrived in Japan, there seems not to be many new buildings or new roads (I think Japan has been a developed country for a long time, so Japan's infrastructure is basically complete. Or, I haven't been to places where there are many newly built buildings and roads…). However, I found that Japan has applied a lot of new and progressive technology to serve life such as touch-less technology, AI security, robot waiter and self-checkout system (I think this is built in human trust principles that not every country can implement).


( Odaiba Seaside Park)  I go back to the most beautiful place in Tokyo after 15 years.

Japan is truly a country that has successfully applied a lot of technology to life. One thing that I found that has changed is the convenience when traveling or shopping for foreigners like me - who cannot speak in Japanese. The shopping areas now have many non-Japanese staff, which 10 years ago was almost quite a few, and they can communicate in their mother tongue such as Vietnamese, Chinese with customers. They can also communicate in popular languages such as English. I think this is also a way Japan stimulates in terms of tourism and well as the labor shortage.


( Tokyo) The city never sleeps at night.

2023, is a year to celebrate because our company turns 20 this year and I have been working in the company for 15 years. The company has had our ups and downs many times for 20 years, but up to now, we continue to stand strong and develop. This is indebted to the consensus and efforts of the employees as well as the right vision from the board of directors. With the continuous development of technology, we will still have a lot of competition and difficulties in the future, but I believe that with the spirit of PASSIONS, TEAMWORK and INNOVATIONS as well as confidence and desire of the success of IVC's Next Generation, we will overcome it and continue to develop further.


15th anniversary working in IVC.
20th anniversary ceremony for IVC.
50th anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Vietnam.

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