After the two first topics, E-Club has received much support from IVC staffs. That has motivated us to continue holding "English-only talks". In February, E-club organized two sessions and got contributions from participants. Let's look back at the highlights of these two topics.

February began with a quite lively topic: "Teamwork or Individual work." Participants were divided into two groups and proceeded to defend their group's point of view. By pointing out the pros of their teams and the cons of the opponent, many great ideas were raised. After that discussion, the participants had a broader view of teamwork and individual work. They could select the benefits of two working styles to take advantage of, and analyze the disadvantages of each way to find solutions to the extent possible.

The participants rated this topic as not easy since it is impossible to indicate which is better, however, it was an exciting topic. The joiners used all their vocabulary and knowledge to make their points and debate with the opposing team. This is in line with the E- club's goal - which is to have a communication and practice environment in English.

Another topic in February was “Cultural differences between Vietnam and Japan”. Although they contain the Asian culture, Vietnam and Japan still exist differences in the way they work, live, communicate, etc. IVC is a company with Japanese roots. Therefore, it is not too difficult for staffs to recognize a few differences in working culture. Some participants who have had the experience of living or traveling in Japan have added different points in life and communication styles. This discussion is a premise for participants to communicate more effectively with customers in the Japanese market.

E-club will continue to accompany IVC staffs on the path of practicing English communication. Hopefully, discussions of the E-club can contribute to people's enthusiasm for learning English.

See you in the next blog post.

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