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Various energetic and enjoyable discussions are still going on in the IVC’s E-club. Let’s have a sit and review three topics held in March.

The English Club immediately seized an event not to be missed within the month - 8th March, to open the topic "Why do we need International Women’s Day?". With a not really unfamiliar topic, attendees freely promoted their thoughts and gave very interesting answers, as well as some highly surprising ideas. There was no exact answer to that big question, anyway, the comments made that day also received the agreement of all those who attended. Females nowadays have the opportunity to be involved in many fields due to they have strived for equal rights in the past. In an all-male working environment like IT, ladies are a breath of fresh air in the office. That topic was closed by the wishes on the occasion of International Women’s Day for the girls who participated in this activity.

For new and rarely encountered topics, participants frequently find more resources on the internet by phone. And have you noticed that cell phones have become an inseparable part of many people’s lives today? So, have you ever wondered what would happen if your phone suddenly vanished from your life? “Life without phone” shows joiners a view of how life will be altered today if they do not have a phone. We considered the role of phones in life, work, study, entertainment, etc. for each individual. According to a survey of the participants, the phone was a convenient tool for them, but they not reliant on it. How long do you think you can live without your phone? What is your limit? Someone said one day, someone said ten years, much or little, we believed that life would have changed without the phone and we could adapt to it, like the way phones appeared for the first time.

There is one other thing that also changes and updates constantly, like the phone, and that is Social Media. In recent years, Social Media has been constantly innovating and developing and has become the most influential and effective means of communication. For instance, Social Networks (one branch of Social Media) are rapidly growing and spreading, especially during the pandemic. Everything in general and Social Media in particular has two sides, but the purpose and the way we use it can determine whether it is good or bad and how it affects our lives. "Social Media" was also the topic that closed E-club's March.

IVC's English-speaking series is still in the consolidation and development phases. Thank you all IVC staffs very much for your consistent participation, this is the motivation for the E-club to keep being creative and delivering interesting activities continuously.

Stay tuned for our next blog posts!

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