2022 year was considered as the year of the economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, but this was really a year of economic volatility and challenges.

In the Company meeting which was held on January 13, 2023, BOD already shared with all IVC employees the overview of the Company's business status in 2022 and the business plan in 2023. This was the time for IVC to look back at the actual achievements and not achievements as well in 2022 and point out our strengths, weaknesses in management so that together-we will make IVC grow up further in the future.

To contribute to the success of IVC in the past year, the contributions from employees are indispensable. The Company meeting was also the time to honor individuals and teams who have excellently completed the company’s objectives, as well as gained trust and satisfaction from customers.

Also in this meeting, the General Director introduced the company's official video to celebrate 20 years anniversary in Vietnam market and shared the company's vision and expectations for the next training trip in Japan for all IVC staffs. 2023 year is really a meaningful and desirable year for IVC .

In the context that the joyful atmosphere of the Lunar New Year was coming very soon, a warm party to welcome the New Year was highly anticipated. With the message “Tet - a reunion festival", the BOD hoped to organize a warm party with all IVC family, that was why the New Year Party was held at the IVC office in a very new look since renovation. An exciting musical performance and attractive-prize Lucky Draw program were the highlight of this party, which attracted and connected all IVC members very well.

Let's look back at the moments when luck knocked on the door of IVC members.

The moment of calling the lucky name of the special prizewinner -  iPhone 14 Pro Max really made the whole company explode.



The journey of 2023 has just started, let's join hands and continue to contribute to a successful new year!!!

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