At IVC, we believe that children are the future; their well-being and happiness are paramount to creating a better world tomorrow.

As we celebrate International Children's Day, we take this opportunity to honor the joy, innocence, and potential of all IVC children!



We understand that the smiles of children are great joy and motivation every day for IVC employees, who have little angels in their family.

Hence, the company always places great emphasis on caring and taking care of IVC's children and our commitment to children is shown very specifically in the company's welfare packages. Especially, on the 1st of June every year - International Children's Day - is the occasion that the company and Union coordinate to give lovely gifts and send best wishes to IVC children.

We believe that by investing in the well-being of children today, we are building a better world tomorrow.



Thank you for joining us in this celebration.

Children are the bright stars of tomorrow, we are so proud of each and every one of them. May our children's day be filled with fun, love, and wonderful surprises.

Let’s work together to make every day a day that children can smile about.

Happy International Children's Day!

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