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April 1, 2022

Job Opportunities In ISB Vietnam (IVC)

Are you looking for an ideal work environment with a clear career path? Does working with multi-programing skills and collaborative team energize you?

In IVC, we treat all employees as family members and maybe you are the perfect piece in the great picture that we are trying to paint. We strongly believe that together, we can draw a dream with PASSIONS, strive for it with TEAMWORK, and contribute to society with INNOVATION.

Three Reasons to JOIN US:

- Great working environment

- Competitive salary & benefit

- Clear career path

You are welcome to IVC family as a member of any below positions:

- C/C++ Developer All Level

- Python Developer All Level

- Web Developers (PHP) All Level

- Java Developer All Level

- Android Java Developer All Level

- Net/VB6/VB.NET Developer All Level

- AI Developer All Level

Feel free to contact us to explore more about Position Information!

An English CV is a perfect step to apply these job titles.

Email: recruitment@vn.isb.co.jp

Tel: +84-28-3 812 7145      – Recruitment Team (ext.: 177 or 146)

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April 1, 2022

AI Thermal Camera Official Launch

After the pandemic has spread all over the world in 2020, it has quickly become the norm to check the body temperature of people for business establishments to minimize health risks.


ISB Vietnam would like to proudly announce that we have launched AI Thermal Camera in the Vietnam market after partnering with the thermal camera manufacturer and dedicating ourselves to the SmartCare system development.


Our AI thermal camera will help users automate the body temperature check at places like offices, buildings, hospitals, etc., effectively eliminating the safety risk and cost of human interaction caused by the conventional handheld thermometer.


Thermal Camera_Standing Type B


Our AI thermal camera also provides an advanced solution for access control with several authentication methods such as:

1) Face recognition

2) IC Card

3) BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

4) QR Code

*The device also has the mask detection function.

And, with our SmartCare web system, the users can combine 2 authentication methods for higher security such as combining face recognition and IC Card.


SmartCare System



SmartCare system also offers a variety of practical functions to optimize the use of the AI thermal camera such as:


1) Customizable access authorization

2) Setting time-limited access

3) Visitor management & invitation email with QR Code

4) Anti-passback

5) Record history (e.g., access history)

6) Device vulnerability detection & warning

7) User & Device management

8) Synchronization with 3rd party HR system


In short, our AI thermal camera with SmartCare is a great solution for automating the body temperature check, access control, and attendance management.


There are 4 types of devices available to choose from, depending on your requirements.


4 device types


For inquiry:

Tel: +84 28-38127145

Email: BD@vn.isb.co.jp

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