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August 5, 2022


August 03 every year is the day to pay respect to all the men of IVC.

We appreciate your love and dedication to IVC over the past and thank you for accompanying IVC. Happy IVC men’s day.

Cool & unique gifts were sent to all IVC men by our beautiful girls on that day, these gifts will be very practical items for the upcoming company trip. Do not forget to bring them when you go on the company trip in September!


On this occasion, the company organized a small Happy Hour Party so that all employees could enjoy delicious hamburgers & pastry together and played an extremely fun game named BINGO!

Hope these moments will be memorable and make all employees relieve stress after hard working hours.


Once again, warm wishes on IVC Men’s Day to all our men colleagues. Let you become men of words, men of honor, and men of conduct to make our company a best place to work in.

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July 19, 2022


The IFTP (IVC Fresher Training Program)- season 1 in 2022, which lasted 2 months, had successfully finished on July 08, 2022, on behalf of the ISB Vietnam (IVC) company, we- HR&GA department would like to thank all participants for joining with us.

After finishing the training course, some of the freshers were offered to become the IVC’s official employees, while others started with their new plans. No matter which path you take, we believed that you had put in your best efforts in the past 2 months and gained valuable experiences. Congratulations to all of you & wish you all the best for the next journey!

During the past two months, all freshers have undergone many training courses in knowledge and skills, and been challenged in live projects. In reality, that must have been a tough road for the one just graduating, but most of all, you've made it through.

Once again, let's look back at the nine best faces of IFTP 2022 season 1 who already became the official employees of IVC. You are the winners. Congratulations once again!

The company always appreciates the efforts of all of you and will create the best conditions for you to go further in your career path. We were very proud that many current leaders and managers of the company have grown from these IFTP programs. Always keep learning and trying, and maybe you will become the future management team of the company. “The life is only one-take, so have the dream and strive for your dream” is the message that our BOD would like to convey to young talents.

Finding and nurturing talent, the next generation for the company is the great mission of the IFTP programs, and to fulfill this mission in the IFTP 2022 season 1, the HR&GA department would like to thank the BOD, managers, interviewers and special thanks to the trainers and mentors who have been with us for the past two months. Your enthusiastic contribution and sense of responsibility have contributed to the success of this program.

The IFTP 2022 season 2 has kicked off to continue to find the young talents for IVC. If you or acquaintances in your networking are a senior student looking for a professional environment which can realize the dream of becoming a great developer, please apply now via email: recruitment@vn.isb.co.jp or leave the information here: https://isb-vietnam.com.vn/careers/?lang=en#job

Tel: +84-28-3 812 7145 – Recruitment Team (ext.: 177 or 146)

Office Address: 3rd Floor, etown 2 building, 364 Cong Hoa Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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July 8, 2022

My Experience Internship

This past semester, I interned at ISB Vietnam, a software development company specializing in the field of outsourcing and offshoring.

This was my first internship, and it was a lot more than I thought it would be - in the best way possible. As a student majoring in English, all of my time is spent studying, the knowledge and experiences that I learn are only through the pages of books and words handed down by teachers. This means that I have never had practical access to office work or even the field of Sales-Marketing - the field where I interned at this company. Honestly, this presented a challenge for me when I first began working in  Business Development Department - also known as BD Dept. The tasks, colleagues, or even the workplace, everything here is fresh. However, thanks to the dedicated guidance of my supervisor and colleagues in the team, I was able to gain many skills and accumulated the essential experiences to become a professional staff in the field of Sales-Marketing.

Besides, I also learned a lot of useful knowledge about IT, which is something that I have never experienced before: it was amazing.

The work in BD Dept that I have done so far includes a wide variety of things and even I could not cover them all in this blog. However, seeking customers and partner companies were the activities that help me improve my knowledge and experience the most. I feel very lucky to have been in contact with so many clients - many different personalities, and different situations - that I have learned more from experience how to choose the right counseling approach for each customer to suit their needs and personality. Learn to handle difficult and unexpected situations as they happen.

In addition, I participated in internal and external meetings and experienced a lot about working style and handling situations.

Thanks to the actual activities and specific tasks that I have been assigned, I have found out what my strengths and weaknesses are so from there, I will try to improve my abilities.

Walking photo

After three months as an intern, I also received the chance to start working officially. Of course, my employment will change when I start working as an official staff, and my workload will increase from when I was an intern. But rather than putting pressure on me, such things inspired me to work more. And I consider myself really lucky to have joined ISB Vietnam as an official staff thanks to the kindness, passionate support of my coworkers, and this dynamic workplace.

In short, I am thrilled to be learning more every day. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten as much experience as I have already if I were to be in another company where interns may not get the chance to have as hands-on experience as I have been able to. This internship has given me even more experience than I had before. It also allowed me to learn more about different business and how I can use my skills in different ways.

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July 7, 2022

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification Announcement

We are pleased to announce ISB Vietnam has achieved ISO 27001 certification.   


ISO 27001 is the most widely known information security management standard used by organizations to keep information assets secure. ISB Vietnam performs a recertification annually, with the aim to continuously improve our processes based on ISMS standards.

ISB Vietnam’s customers and partners also experience major benefits from the ISO 27001 certificate, as we can guarantee that the information security is aligned with the international standards.

Besides, the up-to-date policies, procedures and controls system supports us much to ensure a high level of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information handled in the daily tasks.


Standard Certification         :ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Certificate Body                     :UK-DAS Certification      

Certification Scope               :Software development

Organization                           :ISB Vietnam Company Limited


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June 14, 2022

[SDGs] Goal 3 - Donate Blood Save Lives

Donating blood is one of our company (IVC) ‘s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities vs SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The company supports the staffs’ activity participation by allowing us to donate blood during working hours.

This is not the first time for all of us to donate blood but the first experience we can donate blood as IVC employees working out of office.


Let our voices be heard!


“It was the first time I donated blood in Vietnam. I went to the donation center alone. I had no idea of the process but Vietnamese people helped me. Thanks a lot!!” (Nagae)


“It was a bit surprising to see much more people in the donation center than I had imagined. As a foreigner, I expected the cumbersome procedure but the whole blood donation experience was pleasant except for the needle... The sense of contribution to society was very worth the big needle to me.” (Noe)


 “This is my first time donating blood. It is a good start to the next one. I feel happy to have made a small contribution to society.” (Khuong)


“I'm happy to join in this voluntary social contribution activity. I believe that showing and spreading love is something that each of us should pursue in our life. Let's join this activity with me!” (Hanh)


“In the past, my loved one was in critical condition and needed a lot of blood to continue treatment. At that time, my family was very lucky to receive the blood of a volunteer. That's why I understand better than anyone what the meaning of a drop of blood is. And when I received the message from the blood donation center that my blood has been used for the patient, I was really happy.” (Tien)


 “Despite a long time of research, scientists have been unable to develop an ideal blood substitute. There is currently no substitute for human blood. Donating blood is giving the gift of life. I love donating blood and I will encourage more colleagues, friends, family members to become regular blood donors.” (Thuy)


Hope that such meaningful and humane activity will continue to receive a wide response from IVC employees in particular and from the entire community in general so that together we will contribute to the realization of the project “sustainable development goals - SDGs” in the community!

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June 13, 2022

Happy Children’s Day 2022

June 1st – the Day that the love and laughter always stay on every child’s face.

On this special day, IVC Company cooperates with the Trade Union to give all children of IVC employees a present to show our care & love for the little angels. Also are a word of thanks for the great contribution of our employees.


Finally, we would like to say that the most precious thing in the world is a smile on the face of a child. Children’s smiles are the great motivation for non-stop efforts in work & life.

Wishing all the kids in IVC families a very Happy Children’s Day. Cheers to the innocence they had. Cheers to the cuteness they won all the hearts with.

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May 16, 2022

Join Our Team - Japanese Interpreter (Intern/ Junior)

You’re just graduated, want to settle in a pro-environment of Japanese Interpreter in an IT company?

You're passionate and want to pursue Interpreting?

But you don't know where to start your ideal career path?



Become a member of us:

- To have a chance to be trained by well-experienced Coaches & work with teammates who are always dynamic, beautiful, and have a bit of individuality.

- To gain more experience of interpreting for sure.

- To develop your career path here

- To enjoy an competitive welfare package & salary

- To be confident with your fashion sense at IVC, cause we don’t need to wear office uniform (but we still have a uniform, still pretty ^^ )

As our member, you will:

- Translate Japanese documents, communication mail.

- Interpret the customer meeting with Japanese/Asian/US/Euro customers in the project meeting, TV conference, etc.

- Make daily report as request

Want to be our member, you need:

- The bachelor degree

- At least JLPT N2 certificate of Japanese (must have)

- At least TOEIC 650 (~IELTS 5.5)~ English skills

- Knowledge or experience in IT is preferable

- Careful and responsible

- Sociable, friendly, active

- Good interpersonal skill, teamwork spirit

- Good at Word and Excel skill

Feel free to contact us to explore more about Position Information or anything!

An English CV is a perfect step to apply this job title via email: recruitment@vn.isb.co.jp

Or quick apply by leaving your information in JOB APPLICATION here: https://isb-vietnam.com.vn/careers/?lang=en#job

Tel: +84-28-3 812 7145 – Recruitment Team (ext.: 177 or 146)

Office Address: 3rd Floor, etown 2 building, 364 Cong Hoa Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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May 13, 2022

Living in Vietnam as Japanese

The image of vast rice fields and people with iconic, triangle-shaped hats was all I could think of Vietnam before I had come to Vietnam in 2018 for the first time when I taught Japanese to Vietnamese people as volunteer.


Since then, my image of Vietnam has changed a lot as I started living here.



In this article, I will describe what it is like to live in Vietnam based on my experience.


As you read, please keep in mind that what I write in this article is solely based on my experience and it will be different from others, and I have no intention to indicate my experience is necessarily true to other people.




Family bonds are very strong in Vietnam.


During traditional Vietnamese new year holidays known as Tet holidays, families come back to their hometown to get together and enjoy quality time with family.


When speaking to Vietnamese people, I noticed they often address their cousins as “sister” or “brother” in English which still makes me confused from time to time.


Even though the western influence is getting more noticeable in the bigger cities, the Vietnamese culture still largely remains, which is one of the reasons why many foreigners are attracted to Vietnam.





I find Vietnamese people kind and willing to help generally.


Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnamese people are shyer when communicating with foreigners in my experience.


That’s more true when you go to the countryside.


English communication is more difficult than the countries like the Philippines, India but the basic communication is mostly fine in urban areas such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.


And, you would find the difference in people’s behavior depending on the places you visit.





Vietnamese foods are relatively easy to get used to and some foreigners are really into the Vietnamese foods.


The examples of famous foods loved by foreigners are Banh Mi (sandwich) and Pho (noodle soup).


In terms of price, if you eat out at local Vietnamese restaurants, it is surprisingly cheap compared to foreign cuisines.


It normally costs only around 1USD for breakfast or lunch if you eat like local people.


What interested me as a beer lover is the local restaurant called Bia Hoi which is translated as “Draft beer”.


These restaurants typically have a large open space with staff serving fresh beer for as cheap as 7,000VND (30 cents/0.3USD) for glass and delectable local Vietnamese foods.


It is one of the Vietnamese-like experiences to eat out at Bia Hoi.




When I lived in other countries, I usually searched for housing and contacted the owner by myself.


In Vietnam, you have the luxury of relying on real estate agencies with no agent fee.


For Japanese, it’ll be reassuring to know there are quite a few real estate agencies which you can communicate in Japanese.


And, while you can certainly live in conventional apartments, there are apartments called serviced apartments.


The serviced apartments usually come with housekeeping and laundry services, 24/7 security guards.


For the person who starts living in Vietnam for the first time, serviced apartments are highly recommended as you’ll have much fewer concerns about the living.



-Honest opinion-


Having lived in Vietnam for over 3 years, I’d say living in major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City is quite comfortable compared to the country like India where I had lived for 3 years.


It’s mainly because the Vietnam culture is not too hard to adapt even for the person who lives abroad for the first time.


And, if you are Japanese, you have the advantage of easy access to Japanese restaurants for not-too-expensive prices.


Also, there are several Japanese companies which have entered Vietnam market in recent years such as Uniqlo, Muji.


The big downside for me (and many other foreigners) is the chaotic traffic, aggressive driving which might make you feel dangerous.


Having said that, Vietnam would be one of the easiest places to live for foreigners and I could highly recommend Vietnam if you make up your mind to explore and live in Southeast Asia since it would give you so much different experience from your home country despite relative comfort of living.

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April 27, 2022

Join Our Team - Android Developer (Java) All Level

Choose your ideal work environment & career – Choose ISB Vietnam (IVC)!

We are looking for Android Developers who had 1+ years of experience and good knowledge about Android Components, Jetpack to join our awesome team.

Our current team has 3 members, a well-experienced technical manager who is always ready to give timely & effective technical advice, a talented young leader who is directly managing the project and a very young Junior developer who is very friendly & hard-working. Moreover, we are looking for more potential teammates to develop the current team and expand the business of the project.

In addition to the suitable experience, we are also looking for candidates who have a spirit of learning, are hard-working, and are always actively seeking research more new knowledge and programming languages.

If you are looking for not only a suitable job, but also a suitable team to grow up together, our team may be the perfect choice. Do not hesitate to contact our recruitment team to discover more!

With nearly 19 years of experience in outsourcing development in the Vietnamese market, IVC understands well the expectations of developers and always strives to be the best companion on your career path.

Three Reasons to JOIN US:
  • Great working environment
  • Competitive salary & benefit
  • Clear career path
Why You'll Love Working in IVC OPPORTUNITIES
  • To be a key member of a project related to Android's security which applying many of the latest technologies
  • Work on both UI and Android core handling, have chance to work/ learn more about network protocols
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Android system and privilege permissions
  • Access and work on the latest Android version
  • Chance to work directly with Japanese engineers
  • Gain more experience of writing documents, using Adobe XD, and testing
  • Chance to be trained by well-experienced Coaches & work with awesome & supportive team, supervisor
  • Be encouraged for initiating the ideas/ solution
  • English & Japanese training.
  • Technical, soft skill & management skill training.
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • 13th month salary, Performance bonus
  • Premium Healthcare package insurance
  • 15 days annual leave
  • Attractive language certificate allowance (TOIEC, IELTS  and Japanese)
  • Birthday, Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival gifts
  • Lunch and bus/ parking allowance
  •  Fun team activities and outings
  •  Happy hour and sport clubs
  •  Comfortable work space and friendly colleagues
  • Other bonuses such as Project of the year, MVP
  • Annual company trip
  • Yearly pay rise offer depending on the individual’s evaluation within a specific period.
Feel free to contact us to explore more about Position Information or anything! An English CV is a perfect step to apply this job title.

Email: recruitment@vn.isb.co.jp

Tel: +84-28-3 812 7145      – Recruitment Team (ext.: 177 or 146)

Office Address: 3rd Floor, etown 2 building, 364 Cong Hoa Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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April 5, 2022

If you are a senior IT student…

If you are a senior IT student or just graduated, and are preparing the luggage to experience the feeling of creating value yourself for an organization, this blog is for you!

As someone said "You have to learn from the basics before you can become a talent". A solid foundation is always your ticket to success.

It is completely reasonable and understandable when you determine the goal of becoming an expert with thousands of dollars in salary. But the first and most important condition for you to achieve that goal is knowledge & skills. In an industry where the amount and speed of updating new information are "extreme" like IT, it is even more necessary. Therefore, make sure you have understood and mastered the basics of IT knowledge which you have learned from university or college. And remember, never be satisfied with the knowledge you already have, continuously learn and update more knowledge and skills to improve your self-worth and advance in your career.

In addition, it is very important to prepare yourself with an attitude of curiosity, listening, and cooperation. The recruiter will greatly appreciate it if you have both outstanding academic performance and a good attitude. However, if your academic performance is not impressive but you have an extremely good attitude, the recruiter will certainly not hesitate to give you a chance.

At ISB Vietnam (IVC), we deeply understand the concerns and expectations of the senior IT students. Based on many years of experience in implementing and cooperating with IT students, we have designed the IFTP program (IVC Fresher Training Program) for all of you.

ISB Vietnam hopes to accompany you in your start-up journey. We always strive to create the most favorable conditions for you to shine in your career path. By joining IVC, you will be trained by mentors with years of experience in the industry and led to build a solid foundation for yourself. Even better, the company also has attractive allowances and benefits for successful candidates.

Discover the details of the IFTP program HERE!

IVC Fresher Training Program (IFTP) 2022

And do not hesitate to contact the recruitment team to update the latest information!

Email: recruitment@vn.isb.co.jp

Tel: +84-28-3 812 7145      – Recruitment Team (ext.: 177 or 146)

ISB Vietnam (IVC) - Where your career starts!

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