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April 5, 2022

If you are a senior IT student…

If you are a senior IT student or just graduated, and are preparing the luggage to experience the feeling of creating value yourself for an organization, this blog is for you!

As someone said "You have to learn from the basics before you can become a talent". A solid foundation is always your ticket to success.

It is completely reasonable and understandable when you determine the goal of becoming an expert with thousands of dollars in salary. But the first and most important condition for you to achieve that goal is knowledge & skills. In an industry where the amount and speed of updating new information are "extreme" like IT, it is even more necessary. Therefore, make sure you have understood and mastered the basics of IT knowledge which you have learned from university or college. And remember, never be satisfied with the knowledge you already have, continuously learn and update more knowledge and skills to improve your self-worth and advance in your career.

In addition, it is very important to prepare yourself with an attitude of curiosity, listening, and cooperation. The recruiter will greatly appreciate it if you have both outstanding academic performance and a good attitude. However, if your academic performance is not impressive but you have an extremely good attitude, the recruiter will certainly not hesitate to give you a chance.

At ISB Vietnam (IVC), we deeply understand the concerns and expectations of the senior IT students. Based on many years of experience in implementing and cooperating with IT students, we have designed the IFTP program (IVC Fresher Training Program) for all of you.

ISB Vietnam hopes to accompany you in your start-up journey. We always strive to create the most favorable conditions for you to shine in your career path. By joining IVC, you will be trained by mentors with years of experience in the industry and led to build a solid foundation for yourself. Even better, the company also has attractive allowances and benefits for successful candidates.

Discover the details of the IFTP program HERE!

IVC Fresher Training Program (IFTP) 2022

And do not hesitate to contact the recruitment team to update the latest information!

Email: recruitment@vn.isb.co.jp

Tel: +84-28-3 812 7145      – Recruitment Team (ext.: 177 or 146)

ISB Vietnam (IVC) - Where your career starts!

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