The IFTP (IVC Fresher Training Program)- season 1 in 2022, which lasted 2 months, had successfully finished on July 08, 2022, on behalf of the ISB Vietnam (IVC) company, we- HR&GA department would like to thank all participants for joining with us.

After finishing the training course, some of the freshers were offered to become the IVC’s official employees, while others started with their new plans. No matter which path you take, we believed that you had put in your best efforts in the past 2 months and gained valuable experiences. Congratulations to all of you & wish you all the best for the next journey!

During the past two months, all freshers have undergone many training courses in knowledge and skills, and been challenged in live projects. In reality, that must have been a tough road for the one just graduating, but most of all, you've made it through.

Once again, let's look back at the nine best faces of IFTP 2022 season 1 who already became the official employees of IVC. You are the winners. Congratulations once again!

The company always appreciates the efforts of all of you and will create the best conditions for you to go further in your career path. We were very proud that many current leaders and managers of the company have grown from these IFTP programs. Always keep learning and trying, and maybe you will become the future management team of the company. “The life is only one-take, so have the dream and strive for your dream” is the message that our BOD would like to convey to young talents.

Finding and nurturing talent, the next generation for the company is the great mission of the IFTP programs, and to fulfill this mission in the IFTP 2022 season 1, the HR&GA department would like to thank the BOD, managers, interviewers and special thanks to the trainers and mentors who have been with us for the past two months. Your enthusiastic contribution and sense of responsibility have contributed to the success of this program.

The IFTP 2022 season 2 has kicked off to continue to find the young talents for IVC. If you or acquaintances in your networking are a senior student looking for a professional environment which can realize the dream of becoming a great developer, please apply now via email: or leave the information here:

Tel: +84-28-3 812 7145 – Recruitment Team (ext.: 177 or 146)

Office Address: 3rd Floor, etown 2 building, 364 Cong Hoa Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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