9 years at IVC, nearly a quarter of my age, and two thirds of my career, but it has passed so quickly. It’s been a very long journey. It’s impossible not to look back.

It’s fun and interesting to reflect on these 9 years, I have had successes and failures during this time. I’ve been in software industry for 10+years. I have worked in production company and software outsourcing companies, I have gone through many domestic projects and Japanese projects. I’m confident enough to say I know what I’m doing today. But 9 years ago, I didn’t, I didn’t know about the software development process, managing software development... Over the past 9 years with IVC, I have really grown and matured.

The first year was very difficult

I have changed from Vietnamese company to IVC (Japanese company). This was a very difficult decision for me. Everything was different: heavy workload, different culture, new coworkers, new customers, difficult project... I wondered what I was here for..., I wanted to give up many times, but I’m still here. Now, look back that I see that overcoming challenges to makes a person more mature.

Determining the direction

Before joining IVC, I did not have a clear direction about my career path. But at IVC, I was oriented and given the opportunity to develop progress in my career.  It is important to be trusted, cared for, and facilitated by superiors to take on projects and work directly with customers.

Career journey at IVC focuses on 2 elements such as Technique/ Specialization and Management. According to Personal Development Plan and Organizational Development Strategy, each employee will find out their own appropriate direction that is acquired with their passion where people lead a joyful and fulfilling life by providing technical excellence and attractive products and services.



Continuing self-improvement

I have followed the mantra "Learn, learn more, learn forever". Learning from my mistakes but not repeating them. Learning from customer's feedback and trying to improve them (Customer experience is the key). Learning from my coworkers,... The sponsored techniques, foreign language courses and the company's sharing/training sessions are also very useful for updating knowledge. In addition, the company has a learning and development strategy to enhance the team performance, I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to participate in professional management training courses according to international standards.

Incorporating business trip with travel.

I had the opportunity to incorporate business trips with travel in Vietnam and Japan. In 2017, The first time I worked onsite for 3 months in Osaka, Japan. This year, I had an opportunity to go to Japan again to participate in the company's training trip in Tokyo, I got excited as same as the first time. And I also don't forget the beautiful memories when I was on many other business trips in Viet Nam. Let me show you some pictures.

Tokyo Tower, Osaka Castle, Ninh Kieu Wharf

A collection of T-Shirt

Each shirt tell us a company's message. Each shirt is associated with each stage of the company. Each shirt is associated with each event that I have joined. Each shirt is a memory at IVC.

Great colleagues

Friendly colleagues, everyone always tries their best to create quality products and superiors always support and guide when issues occur. I feel trusted and given the opportunity to grow. All of these are the reasons why I chose and decided to stay at IVC for a long time. I believe that the growth mindset can lead you to be a suitable member to accompany with IVC. I've been lucky to work with the right company and most importantly the right people. 


This year IVC turns 20 and I have been working in the company for 9 years. I believe that with the spirit of PASSIONS, TEAMWORK and INNOVATIONS , we will overcome challenges and continue to develop further.

Once again, I would like to thank my superiors, my team, and my coworkers who always cooperated, support and guide me in my past journey and look forward to your continuing support in my next journey in IVC.

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