Nowadays, every single one of us is being forced to stay in a situation that we’re always being too busy to prioritize our health and fitness as much as we used to do in the past. Because of that, our health conditions are becoming worse and our life is getting shorter and shorter day by day. And I think it isn’t the result we expected. So, what should we do now to prevent it from continuing to occur? I believe that one of the things we need to do is have to change our eating habits immediately. Actually, the one I want to mention here is that we should have a balanced diet.

So, what is a balanced diet?

   A balanced diet is understood to be the best way to provide all important nutrients that come from 5 main groups of food – including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and lean proteins – to human bodies. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always the best sources that contain a lot of health-giving vitamins, antioxidants and fibres. These nutrients keep us healthy and protect our cells from damage. Like fruits and vegetables, whole grains are also good choices for a balanced diet. Grains that mean the seeds of grasses grown for food. It helps us control our cholesterol levels, weight and blood pressure. Being parts of 5 main food groups, legumes, nuts, and lean proteins are known as the substantial sources of protein. For human bodies, protein is one of the most important primary components of our body tissue like the skin, bones, muscles, etc. It also takes part in lots of physical processes that make our bodies function. By eating a mix between legumes, nuts, and lean proteins, that means we will be provided various types of proteins needed from different sources. With these functions, we all agree that the balanced diet is the best at supplying all nutrients which our body needs to work effectively.

However, can we call it a true balanced diet when we only eat food?

   In my opinion, a true balanced diet is when we eat nutritious food from 5 main groups and do exercises at the same time. As we have known, one of the risks of being overweight and obesity is caused by being too lazy to do exercise. So, doing exercise is the most effective way to help us burn calories and control our weight. Besides, when we’re on a diet, because it will reduce the effectivity of the process that our body uses to change food into energy, doing exercises also prevent our body from this impact. On the one hand, eating nutritious food, which comes from 5 main groups, gives us a chance to control the amount of calories we need, but on the other hand doing exercises helps us burn calories and increases our energy expenditure. These two processes are as important as each other. And, this is the reason why I think a balanced diet is a combination of eating right food and doing exercises.

   Being healthier is not that difficult if we know the key which leads us to achieve. Life is always busy but it isn’t the reason that makes us forget to take care of ourselves. Please make sure that we’re focusing on our health and our body in order to live a longer life.

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