I usually use Google Sheets at work. It has a clean interface. it’s easy to collaborate with other people in projects. In few case, it's save me more time than other ticket management software. I'm going to show you some tips that will help you save time and do some useful things, Let’s get started!

Apply filters

You can filter data with filter feature, you just select the "filter icon" and then you can click the "filter icon" in the first column row of your sheet and select the color, the value(s) you want to be included.

Selecting the first column row of your sheet, click menu Data-> Filter Views -> create new filter view, by this way You can create a new filter and save it for next time.


Learn more about filters.


Copy sheet

I usually have to copy a sheet to another spreadsheet. At one time, I often copied text and pasted it using Ctrl+c & Ctrl+v, but this is the slow way.

You can use "Copy to" in spreadsheet to copy a sheet ( text & image) to another spreadsheet.

Click on "down arrow icon" on sheet -> click on "Copy to" -> Existing spreadsheet 

In next dialog, you will paste URL of spreadsheet that you want to copy to, and then select it.

Copy image to another sheet

You can't copy image by Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V on sheet. But there is other way to copy image on sheet.

  1. Click on image, press and skip "Shift" on keyboard
  2. Right click mouse and select "copy image" on menu context
  3. switch to other sheet and paste image (Ctrl+V)

Version History

Version History feature in Google sheet will save you time in case you restore to any version. 

Click on File menu -> Version History -> See version history. You can see all changing and you can restore to any version.

Insert a chart from Google Sheets into a Google Doc

You have created a chart in Google Sheets, you can easy to insert the chart into a Google Doc.

Inside the Document, click on menu "Insert" => "Chart" and then "From Sheets". 


Inside next dialog, you select a spreadsheet and select a chart that you want to import, then click "Import".


I hope this article will help you, I love Google Sheets and I usually use Google Sheets at work. 

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